Friday, March 9, 2018

Paradocx Staff Member Series - Katie Horisk

If you follow my blog, you may get the impression I have been with Paradocx since the repeal of Prohibition. Firstly, I am not that old and secondly, I certainly would have been a bootlegger  but sadly I have no boots.

The focus on this new series is to provide you with a little glance of our dedicated crew. I will give you my impressions, whether they like it or not and then I will ask them a few questions that I may like or not.

I picked Katie to go first; not just because she has been around longer than most of us but because she is so diverse in her skills and has contributed so much for Paradocx, and her customers. When I say her customers, I mean that's the relationship and effort she puts toward customer service  as if she owns Paradocx.

Katie joined the Paradocx Team in July of 2014. When I first met Katie I admit I had no idea what she actually did. I typically saw her on the weekends when she came back from the Farmers Markets. Katie worked the outside markets as well as Booths Corner, a very large Amish Market in PA. It would be  a year later that I would finally visit, I mean work at Booths Corner myself.

Katie the Mystery Member

While I was working at the vineyard, little did I know how much Katie was rocking it and involved in so many projects. I am not going to list them, but trust me, she had her hands full . Now Katie over and nothing has changed!  The biggest, best, and most favorite part of her job is Wine Club. Katie sends the wine club 4 times a year, but is constantly educating the staff and her customers on the benefits of Wine Club.  If you are interested in the wine club, ask for more information at any of our four locations-yeah we know, shameless plug. If you are lucky, you will get to meet Katie herself. 

Katie Fun Facts!

1. What is your favorite PDX wine? 

Viva La Rosa #roseallday and Petit Verdot!  Petit Verdot is my favorite grape to harvest because they are so tiny and cute!

2. What's on your playlist? 

Mainly reggae and Latino music! 

3. When you are not drinking wine, what is your first choice? 

No judgement please...but I love bud light lime! For me, there's nothing better than getting done a hot summer time farmer's market and cracking open a cold bud light lime!

4. What was your first job? 

My first was working at coffee shops! I did it for around 9 years! I can put your name in a latte.  

5. What is your favorite place to eat at work? 

Nomadic pies at Phoenixville Farmers Market, Kaboburritos at The Market at LP and KaPow Kitchen at Booths Corner.

6. What irritates you? 

When I *finally* clean out my car and I go to an offsite event and it's either too hot/too cold and I had just taken half of my wardrobe out of my car 😞

One final thought

Quick, grab her shoe

I love unique customs, especially drinking customs, but in Ukraine, at weddings, thievery is expected. Apparently it is a custom to be the first to steal the bride's shoe. 

The lucky thief gets to demand some light hearted requests from the wedding party and friends, especially forcing one to drink from the bride's shoe. It's not as stinky as you may think. You simply strap a filled glass onto the shoe and bottoms up. 

If someone stole a shoe from a bride in America, Bridezilla would destroy the city. However, I am tempted to try this just once, though that might get me a one way ticket to Ukraine-at least they'll appreciate a good prank. 

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