Saturday, February 10, 2018

"Uncle Lou! Remember me?"

If you have been out of the loop or just wasn't aware, we at Paradocx Vineyard play host to PDX Wine Tastings all year-boy are they a hit. 

We have had many groups, such as birthdays, bridal showers, graduations, bachelorette parties (look out for those girls), corvette clubs, and ugly sweater parties. 

If you have had a group tasting before, then most likely Lou was your host.. Lou certainly has mastered the tasting experience and provides not only a great story, but also rocking entertainment. 

The PDX Wine Tasting experience gives you the history of the winery, the characteristics of the wine, and Lou will sure have you smiling and laughing.

Lou has captured quite a following and on social media he has been nicknamed "Uncle Lou".  I have an Uncle Lou, well more like an uncle Terry but just as fun, but I digress....

Oh, you really don't need a special event to have a group tasting, just a day out with family or friends. Just give us a heads up by contacting and we will reserve a space for you. Ask for Uncle Lou. 

One Final Word

Just this past weekend, we finally had our company holiday party. Better late than never. This was my fourth holiday party and by far the best. 

Besides the great food and great company, we played a gift exchange game. Pretty simple, one by one, everyone opens a gift and may keep it or steal from another. Most of us kept our opened gift. We're not greedy, but our GM stole mine. The nerves!

The gift I had opened was a wine by 19 crimes. Perhaps you have heard of them? The back story goes in London, in the 1800s, prisoners that were convicted for one of the 19 crimes were sentenced, not to the gallows, but to Australia to start a new life. 

Not all survived but the ones who did were able to share their story through augmented reality via the wine bottle. Just download the app, place your phone on the label and the prisoners come to life and tell their unique story.

Oh I forgot, although  my 19 Crimes wine, The next gift I opened was another 19 Crimes wine-Lucky for her. 

This got me thinking, What could we do with augmented reality? When the wine maker saw the wine label come to life, he was amazed.

You know we are known for our paint cans of wine. How about when you scan over the can with your phone, the wine maker appears, surrounded by a mass amount of grapes and juice, then dips a paint brush into the juice and paints the wall with the phrase "Paint The Town Responsibly" Paradocx Vineyard!

Well it's a thought. I am just waiting for the chance to impose a video of me at the tasting room, introducing and pouring  tasting flights while I sit at a French cafe drinking our Cabernet Franc, getting paid of course.

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