Friday, June 23, 2017

PDX Wine Slushies - A Cool Treat

Do you remember chipotle, sriracha, and salted caramel?  They were in everything. I once had a sriracha margarita. What was I thinking?  I also came across chipotle ice cream and salted caramel green tea. Jeeze, The things we try. But as the fashion industry says "That was so last year".

New Trends

It seems everything has a trend, food (smoothie bowls), fashion (stripes),  music (streaming),  the President (twitter) and of course wine.  So what's the new in-thing in the wine industry? Well to name a few, Prosecco, Bourbon-Barrel Aging and Slushies. I do like a nice glass of bubbly and I am very curious about the Bourbon aging but did someone say slushies? I am so on board. 

Hot Sun Equals Cold Drink 

The weather is getting hot, women are wearing striped bikinis, and foodies are eating smoothie bowls, but I am sure the President is not tweeting about wine. So what goes perfectly with the summer heat? BBQ and Wine slushies of course. 

Did you know we are wine prophets? I kid you not, as a matter of fact, we at Paradocx have have been chatting this up for the last few years. Thanks to our sweet wine pouches.

No Blender Needed - Just Freeze

We have 5 sweet wines that we serve out of pouches. I call it the Capri Sun for adults. Now if we just had a straw big enough. For a quickie slushy, try placing our pouches in the freezer for a few hours then cut off the top. Scrape off the wine into a clear glass and top with sliced fruit, and of course one of those fancy umbrellas. Voila! Wine paradise. 

Below is a list of sweet, slushy-ready wines you can find at all Paradocx locations.
PDX Sweet Wine Pouches

Niagra - A sweet white wine made predominantly from native Niagara grapes has the aroma like stepping into the winery during fermentation each Autumn. A floral nose of spring blossoms and pallet full of peaches and sweet stone fruits.

Catawba -
A sweet pink wine made predominantly with native Catawba grapes has a combination of moderate acid and sweet flavors of red fruits, cherries, and grapefruit.

Concord - A sweet red wine made predominantly with native Concord grapes with the characteristics of just picked from the backyard arbor. Fruity flavors of bright red berries, blackberry, and red cherries.

Twine -
T-Wine is a sweet white wine blend en-laced with subtle natural tea flavors to create a refreshing taste experience.

Peach Twine - Peach Twine is a sweet white wine blend laced with subtle natural tea and luscious peach flavors to create a refreshing taste experience. 

Channel Your Inner Bartender

Here are a couple recipes you can use to make a variety of wine slushies

PDX White Peach 

Serves 2 to 3

3 Cups Frozen Peaches or freeze your own

6 oz Paradocx White Wash, chilled

2 oz Triple Sec

Place ingredients in a blender, puree until smooth. Add a little more wine if too thick and serve immediately. 

Red Rum Slushy

Serves 6 to 8

1 Bottle of Paradocx Barn Red, chilled 

3 Heaping Cups Frozen Strawberries or freeze your own 

1 Cup Spiced Rum

1/4 Cup Triple Sec

2 Tablespoons Fresh Lime Juice 

Sugar to taste

Pour into a blender and puree until smooth. Add more wine or sugar if needed. 

One Final Thought

Can you guess what the biggest wine bottle in the world is? A 1,850 liter bottle of red from China. And the smallest? A gorgeous 150 ml bottle of sparkling wine from Greys and Feather called the Bubble. You know what the say about big wine bottles?  "You need a bigger glass"

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Way To Go Levante Brewery

In the fall of last year a new law was passed in Pennsylvania that allows local wineries the chance to sell local beer and spirits. In turn, local breweries and distilleries can sell PA wine. Paradocx thought this would be a great opportunity to satisfy the taste of all Pennsylvania customers. Is it fair to Joe Sixpack that Sue Vino has all the fun? Absolutely not. Or maybe it's 98 degrees and what is needed is a light thirst quenching craft lager.

The Day I Retired

In my early beer drinking years I was a self-proclaimed hop head. Yes, it really is a thing. One day after a visit to Two Stones Pub, during the annual IPA day, I was drinking more than my share of the 21 taps. After an unspeakable amount of Bitter Bombs, I finally became hop fatigued. Yes, that's a thing too. So I retired from hoppy beers all together. Certainly not a problem for me. There is no lack of other styles to try. Can you say Imperial Stout? Plenty of choices to get my beer fix on.

Another Shot - I Mean Pint

One of the first beers we brought in was Levante's Chief IPA. This was my first experience with Levante Brewery so I had no idea what to expect. There it is again, an IPA. I get it beer folks, India Pale Ales are the most popular style in America so of course we keep one on tap at all times but what I didn't know was this would be my new favorite IPA. Thankfully it's not a hop bomb. What it is, is an amazing well balanced beer that provides the perfect hop bitterness, aroma, and flavor. Not to boast, but I have certainly turned other "I don't like hoppy beer" drinkers onto Levante's Chief IPA. Just sayin'.

Way To Go Lavante

Recently, while hunting for an event at my favorite week in Philly, Beer Week, I noticed Philly was hosting their annual Best Of  Philly Beer Scene Award ceremony. This is the Oscars for The Philly Beer Industry.

Did you know that was such a thing? I certainly didn't. Shame on me. Putting it on my calendar now. The many Awards given out consisted of Best Bar, Best Brewer, and Best Bar Food. The one that caught my eye was Best Small Brewery of the Year. This category consisted of:
Broken Goblet, Levante,
Naked, Stable 12, &  Stickman.

Winner? You guessed it. Even though I have not experienced everyone in the category, I was not surprised, Levante is just that good.

Around that same time, Levante attended the Phoenixville Beer and Wine Festival, along with Paradocx Vineyard. Levante and Paradocx won the Judges choice award for best Brewery and Winery. "Go Team!"

Levante  Brewery is on fire! You would have thought they have been doing this for years but believe it or not they're only two years old.  To achieve what they have in just two years is quite an accomplishment.  Let me make this simple -  they brew high quality beers and are just as diverse as the big guns.

Where To Get Your Beer On    

Come into one of our beer pouring locations for a pint of award winning Levante brews.

The Market at Liberty Place, Kennett Square is currently serving Chief IPA, Bianco Belgium Wit and Vanilla Porter. At the winery, Landenberg, we are serving Chief IPA, Atmospheric Perspective  - a dry hopped pilsner, Monks Night Out - a Belgium IPA and Kolsch - a light German Ale.

One Final Thought

The world´s most expensive beer is Belgian's "Vielle Bon Secours“. One bottle costs around $1,000. Are you serious? Here's a better way to spend 1,000 bucks. Come to Paradocx during happy hour and pay only $5.00 per pint. For $1,000 you can have about 185 beers. Just not all at once.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Good Things Come In Threes - Paradocx New Releases

You know the old saying "bad things come in threes"?  Just not true. Good things too come in threes. How about 3 French Hens, 3 Bean Salad, 3 Legged Race and my favorite 3 Stooges ?

At Paradocx, we also do great things in threes. Perhaps a white, red, and rose? That's what we recently released as part of our Spring/Summer new wine lineup.

After long anticipation we have released not one, not two, but three fantastic wines! One wine is new to us, the second is a 2013 Vintage released from our cellar and the last one is destined for awards.

On May 13, 2017 our very own wine maker Gabriel Rubilar played host for the afternoon at our tasting room for our spring release party. Gabriel poured the new Viva La Rosa, 2013  Leverage Reserve and our 2016 Yield

Our New Releases


Viva La Rosa - A full body, dry Rose wine offering a complex bouquet of currant and strawberries. The floral notes with hints of roses deliver a crisp vibrant finish.

2013 Leverage Reserve - A dry full bodied Bordeaux style wine with layers of black pepper, spices, bell peppers, toasted almond and vanilla lead to a long silky finish.

Yield 2016 - A premium dry white blend, consisting of five different grapes, with aromas of gooseberry, grapefruit, green apples and dried fruit.

Find Our Wines

Our new wines can be found at all four of our locations but The 2013 Leverage Reserve bottles can be purchased by wine club members only.  Don't worry though, non wine club members can still purchase a glass of the reserve at our winery in Landenberg or at The Market at Liberty Place in Kennett Square. 


Our Artwork

Take a look at our beautiful labels above. Quite elegant aren't they?  Stay tuned for a behind the scenes look at our very own artist and please post a comment below.

One Final Thought

In Japan there is a spa where you can swim in wine. Why not Save your plane ticket and just fill your bathtub with Paradocx wine. An average tub holds approximately 189 liters .That's about 63 paint cans of Barn Red.  Bring the empty cans back and receive 126 dollars toward your next 63 cans. We do what we can.    

Thursday, August 4, 2016

August eNewsletter

Exciting news...

We’re thrilled to announce as of August 20th we will be carrying two Boxcar beers and two Levante beers at our Landenberg and Kennett locations. Each of these beers is locally sourced in West Chester, PA. Beer by the glass and a beer flight will be available too!

Winemaker's Corner: An Interview with Gabriel

Where are you from? 
          I am originally from Mendoza, Argentina.
How long have you been making wine in America?
          Before coming to the United States, I worked as a winemaker in Argentina for four years. I worked in California for one year, and I have been making wine in Pennsylvania for four years now.
What got you into winemaking?
          I was in contact with the process of winemaking ever since high school, where I graduated with a degree in chemistry and industrial process. My plan after that was to go to college to become an agronomy engineer (which is basically the science behind agriculture), but I wrote down the wrong application dates! When I went to apply for entry, I had missed the deadline by just one day. I was completely disappointed in myself, so I spent the whole day with my father driving to every university in Mendoza until I finally found a college that offered a winemaking degree I could complete in two and a half years. I decided to apply, thinking this would be better than losing an entire year of schooling. After I got my degree, I fell in love with the craft and went back to school for a master's degree in oenology and viticulture.
What is your favorite wine that you make?
          My favorite wine at Paradocx is the 2012 late harvest Traminette. This is a wine that has a lot to offer: well-balanced with a diversity of aromas, flavor, and finish. I specifically love the jasmine aromas. My sister has jasmine plants in her backyard, so every time I smell this wine, it automatically transports me back to her house in Mendoza.
What is your favorite part of winemaking?
          My favorite part of winemaking is the harvest. There is truly nothing like it. Each year comes with new challenges, differences, and excitements, which makes every harvest completely different. I just love it!
What is your most memorable experience working at Paradocx?
          I am lucky enough to have many, but the most memorable experience for me was when we won a double gold medal at the Finger Lakes International Wine Competition for our 2014 Yield, which is a blend of five varieties of white grapes. I am a strong believer that blends are the best way for a winemaker to express yourself in your wine.
What is your favorite meal? What wine do you enjoy with it?
          I have two: one is called an Argentinian lomo, which is a thick cut of Argentinian sirloin on toasted flatbread or French baguette with tomatoes, olive oil, arugula, prosciutto, provolone cheese, sunny side up eggs, salt, and cracked black pepper. This sandwich is perfect paired with a Malbec Grand Reserve. The second is simple Argentinian barbecue paired with a Cabernet Sauvignon.
Where do you see Paradocx wines heading in the future?
          Paradocx has had great, steady, and innovative growth over the past four years. The winery is heading toward having a product for every likelihood and taste with premium dry wines that are recognized at the state, national, and international levels in a way that backs up the excellent grape quality we have here in Pennsylvania. Our signature wines are balanced with complex aromas and flavors, easy to drink, and can be consumed on a daily basis. I anticipate having dry, sweet, and semi-sweet special vinification that will make you discover, or rediscover, your love for wine.
What is one fun and goofy fact about you?
          I am a very animated talker. I use different sounds and motions to get my point across. At the same time, I come off as very professional and serious, which makes it easy to joke with people. They always believe what I'm saying, even when it's something completely absurd! 

Upcoming Events: August

August 2 5:00pm-7:00pm Ladies' Night Out at Liberty Place! It's been a long, hot summer. Call up your besties and cool down with a chilled glass of wine. 
Location: Liberty Place
Cost: $2 off ALL flights and wine by the glass! Plus 10% off bottle, can, and pouch purchases with the purchase of flight or glass of wine.

August 6 & 20 9:00am-1:00pm Come see us at the Lansdowne Farmers' Market. The mission of the Lansdowne Farmers' Market (LFM), inaugurated in May 2007 and open every Saturday from Memorial Day weekend to Halloween, is to “bring fresh, local food to Lansdowne; foster economic development in the borough; promote Lansdowne and its events, businesses, artists, and musicians; and provide a community gathering place.
Location: 30 N Lansdowne Ave., Lansdowne, PA 19050 

August 6 & 20 9:00am-1:00pm OR come see us at the Phoenixville Farmers' Market. The Phoenixville Farmers' Market is a producer/grower market committed to providing locally grown, fresh food; to preserving our agricultural heritage; and to building community. Stop by and pick up a bottle of PDX wine while shopping all the local vendors!
Location200 Mill St., Phoenixville, PA 19460

August 12 6:30pm-8:30pm Local Floral Workshop: From Your Garden to Vase...Celebrating 'Local' Design. Join Mara from The Farm at Oxford and Ali from Burlap and Blooms for another fun summer evening of wine and flowers. Mara grows and sells specialty cut flowers to local customers and florists. Ali designs for special events using local florals and elements whenever possible. We both quite often get questions about how to use the floral bounty you can find around you. In this evening workshop session, we'll talk about how to identify and work with florals from your own garden and the abundant local areas around you (foraging can be fun!); and offer visual instruction and hands-on assistance with designing your own gorgeous arrangement to take home with you. Of course, there is wine and the gorgeous ambiance of the Paradocx Vineyard on a warm summer evening. Invite a friend or family member to join you, or invite all the girls for a girls' night out!
Click here to sign up online (pre-payment required for online tickets). As of right now, there are 16 spots left!
Location: Landenberg
Cost: $75 per person, $10 off for Wine Club members on a maximum of two tickets

August 13 5:00pm-9:00pm Summer concert series featuring a Sinatra cover band. Live music, wine, and food trucks: what could be better? Bring your friends and family (leave the dogs at home!) and enjoy music under the sunset. We have some outdoor seating, but feel free to bring your own beach chairs or blankets to share. No outside alcohol permitted. Pre-purchase tickets here for a discounted price!
Location: Landenberg
Cost: $12 at the door, $10 with pre-purchased ticket. Ages 21+ fee includes one glass of select wine and entrance to concert.

August 14 & 28 10:00am-2:00pm Visit us at the Headhouse Farmers' Market. Established in 2007, this market is located in the historic Society Hill neighborhood of Philadelphia. Featuring more than 40 vendors, Headhouse is one of The Food Trust's largest farmers’ markets. Beyond the abundance of fresh produce, you can also find a great selection of locally prepared foods and artesanal goods such as soups, canel├ęs, ice cream, coffee, and wine.
Location: S 2nd St. & Lombard St., Philadelphia, PA

August 14 2:00pm-6:00pm Family Fun Night at Paradocx! Bring the whole family for an evening of fun at the winery. Bounce house, hayride, face painting and of course WINE. Bring your lawn chairs and enjoy live music and food tucks. Please no outside alcohol or pets.
Location: Landenberg
Cost: Admission is FREE!

August 19 6:30pm-7:30pm Blind Tasting of Paradocx Wines! How well do you know your wines? Join us for a blind tasting of four of our wines. Mingle and light fare at 6:30pm, wine pouring at 6:45pm. Taste all four wines, guess them correctly, and a winner will receive a special gift! Pre-payment required for online tickets. Space is limited. RSVP today! As of right now there are 35 remaining reservations.
Location: Landenberg
Cost: $18.00 per person, $2 off for Wine Club members on a maximum of two tickets

August 20 12:00pm-8:00pm Beer at Paradocx Launch Party! Join us as we launch beer flights and by the glass to the Market at Liberty Place. Celebrate the Market at Liberty Place's annual birthday bash with live music and delicious food from our market neighbors. Enjoy locally-made beers from the Boxcar Brewery & Levante Brewing Company. Follow us on Facebook for up to date info & like the event to enter to win a beer flight for two! 

August 27 5:00pm-9:00pm Summer Concert Series featuring The Rose Project. Enjoy a glass of wine while being serenaded under the stars. Bring your friends and family (leave the dogs at home!) and enjoy the music. We have some outdoor seating, but feel free to bring your own beach chairs or blankets to share. No outside alcohol permitted. Pre-purchase tickets here for a discounted price!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Blind Tasting & New Release!

April Fools Day

In honor of April Fools Day, Paradocx has set up a blind taste test this Friday, April 1!

Think you know our wines? Try your hand (or palate!) at a blind tasting of four Paradocx wines! Starting at 6:00pm, there will be light fare and mingling, and at 6:30pm, we'll start pouring the wine! Take a friend or partner and see who knows their wine. At the end of the night, a winner will receive a special gift.

Study up with this handy wine guide beforehand:

Space is limited, so RSVP here to sign up!

Cost: $18 per person. (Wine Club Member discount: $2 off each on a maximum of 2 persons) Pre-payment required online.

Location: Landenberg

How to Throw Your Own Blind Taste Test:

Step 1: Buy your favorite Paradocx wines - as many as you'd like - from one of our locations!
Step 2: Acquire friends and family and set a date and time.
Step 3: Cover wine bottles - use paper bags, wrapping paper, yarn, or even paint! Get creative, but remember which one is which!
Step 4: Have everyone over, cover their eyes, and let the fun begin!
Step 5: Paint the town responsibly :)

Words from the Winemaker

Newly released, our winemaker has carefully crafted a limited edition 2014 Pinot Grigio: This estate-grown Pinot Grigio has beautiful green reflections, earthy aromas of minerals, green apple, mint, and lime with flavors of almonds, apples, and a citric and buttery finish. 

Cost: $15.99 per bottle
Location: All!

Stay tuned for our 2016 Summer Concert Series lineup to be released on April 7!

Friday, March 4, 2016

Where have we been?

Part of the business of working for a winery is that we have to love wine! So we asked our employees about some of their favorite wineries from all over the place, and this is what they said:

Dianne - PDX Wine Associate
My husband Gary and I had the opportunity to travel to Spain in October of 2015, and wineries, of course, were included in our planning!

The first winery we went to was Real Cortijo Winery in Madrid.

This winery was started in 1782 under the decree of King Charles III of Spain. It is the only subterranean winery of its kind, as it was built under the royal estate of San Isidro. It was very fascinating to explore the winery and its history beneath the ground. Needless to say, the wine was amazing!

Another winery we explored in Madrid was Bodegas Peral Winery. It was neat to see this working winery and the history they had to offer. One of the ways that they used to transport the wine from the clay pots was a goat that they had turned inside out and tarred on both sides.

Solera Winery was the last winery we visited in Madrid. It was quite a homey experience to see a winery on a smaller scale. We got to see the workers pulling the grape skins and seeds from the clay pots that store the wine.

All three wineries in Madrid offered us excellent wines to taste and enjoy!


We also got to experience a wine tour in Barcelona. We took a tour of Oller del Mas. Among their acres of vines, they were able to find some vines that survived the disease that destroyed many vines all over Europe. They are slowly grafting many of those vines to newer vines.

They were able to share their history and show some new technology they are incorporating into their wine-making process. We got to enjoy tasting the wines using their older method compared to their new method, which was a very fun and interesting experience!

Jenny - PDX Associate

One of my favorite wineries I've visited is Wild Women Winery in Denver, CO. This winery was pretty unique. Customers could create and design their own batch of wine alongside a winemaker to create something completely custom. They also had custom wine labels where you could send them any photo, and they would print it out on site and place it on whatever bottle you'd like. It's a great idea and an awesome personal touch! The employees were so friendly!

Another really fun winery I went to was Pompous Ass Winery in Seneca Lake, NY. In keeping with its name, Pompous Ass had such a fun atmosphere! It is part of the Seneca Lake wine trail near Watkins Glen, NY. The location is beautiful, and the wine trail itself is a must-do. Not only are their wine names fun, but the wine was delicious- there wasn't one I didn't like!

John - PDX Manager & Susan - PDX Tasting Room Associate

Susan and I visited the Willamette Valley in Oregon last fall. It's located about an hour southwest of Portland, which sits on the majestic Columbia River. Willamette Valley is renowned for its Pinot Noir, which is why we went there. Domaine Drouhin is in Dundee Hills, one of the AVAs there with unique "red" soil. It sits on the hillside with sweeping views of the beautiful vineyards and valley. The tasting we did included only pinots- six of them! The 2013 Dundee Hills pinot was really special... I can still taste it! When we went, it was during harvest, so we saw bins full of pinot grapes and even got to walk through the tank room. By the way, the tasting glass holds a whole bottle of wine!

While we were in Oregon, we visited 14 different wineries. It was a totally awesome experience, and I highly recommend it. I'd be happy to provide any more information if anyone's interested in going!

Cassie - PDX Lead Associate & Wine Club Manager

Since starting at PDX three years ago, we've visited about 75 other vineyards across eight states! (This picture is from Paraduxx in Napa)

The first that I want to talk about is Blenheim Vineyards in Charlottesville, VA. Blenheim is owned by Dave Matthews, my favorite musician. I've visited Blenheim four or five times and always have an excellent customer experience. Their Painted Red & Painted White wine series is excellent!

Callaghan Vineyards in Elgin, AZ is another of my favorites! Did you even know there are wineries in Arizona?! I didn't, but luckily my awesome family who live in Phoenix took me down to Arizona wine country when I last visited. Callaghan makes some very tasty wines in an unexpected yet beautiful setting!

This one has a similar name to our own: Paraduxx Vineyard in Napa, CA! When my friend and I visited Napa during New Year's 2014, I knew we had to stop at Paraduxx just for the name. When I told them where I worked, they said, "Ah, yes, we know you guys! We'll take care of you." We were treated to a wonderful tasting spread while looking at the amazing beauty of Napa!

So where have you been? Tell us in the comments!

Friday, February 19, 2016

Marching Forth...

You have to love a good pun! So looking forward (or marching forth!) into March, here's what Paradocx has going on:

March 1 5:00pm-7:00pm Ladies' Night at Liberty Place! Grab your favorite ladies for a night of drink specials and catch up over a glass of wine (or two, we don't judge!). Take a walk around the market with your girls and celebrate who you are!                                                                                                                                                                                Location: Liberty Place
Cost: $2 off ALL wine by the glass!

March 3-6
National Mulled Wine Day is March 3! Cozy up with a bottle or can of our Spiced Red Wine, flavored with cinnamon sticks, whole cloves, and cardamom pods. Warm it up on the stove over medium-low heat or simply plug in the crock pot set to warm. Add a few orange slices and voila! You've got some delicious mulled wine!
Location: All locations are participating in this promotion!
Cost: 25% off Spiced Red Wine!

Fridays - March 4, 11, 18, 25 6:00pm-9:00pm
Happy hour at Liberty Place! Discounted wine by the glass and live music every Friday.
Music Schedule:
March 4: Sinatra
March 11: Green Eggs & Jam
March 18: Beatles
March 25: Sara Spicer
LocationLiberty Place
Cost: $2 off select wine by the glass.

March 6 11:00am-12:00pm
Yoga in the tank room! Join us for a Sunday morning yoga session and wine tasting to start your week off right. Grab a glass or bottle with your friends afterward to continue your relaxation! Each class is designed to relax the mind and open the senses to encourage a mindful wine-tasting experience.
Location: Landenberg
Cost: $25 for yoga session and wine tasting.

March 11 
Drumroll please! On March 11, we will be releasing our 2014 Chambourcin! This intense ruby-colored wine with violet reflections will be sure to warm you up. In the nose, fig jam, overripe plums, black olives, caramel, toasted coffee, vanilla, and leather. The mouth is cranberry, blackberry plums and figs with a vibrant acidity. It finishes with soft elegant tannin, vanilla coffee, and toasted bread from its aging 8 months in French oak. 
Location: All locations
Cost: Free glass of 2014 Chambourcin with purchase of a bottle.

March 17
St. Patrick's Day is not just for beer-lovers anymore! Grab your party animals and head to the Market at Liberty Place to celebrate being Irish for the day! And no, we don't ACTUALLY have green wine :P
Location: Liberty Place
Cost: $3 off select wines & cider.

March 20 11:00am-12:00pm
Yoga in the tank room (again)! Our staff and customers alike love this event, so we're doing it twice in one month. This is just the boost we need to get through the finicky weather we in southeastern PA expect from March.

Location: Landenberg
Cost: $25 for yoga session and wine tasting.

March 24 6:00pm-8:00pm
Book Club! This month's book is Me Before You by JoJo Moyes.
A love story for this generation, Me Before You brings to life two people who couldn't have less in common- a heartbreakingly romantic novel that asks, What do you do when making the person you love happy also means breaking your own heart?
This book is also being turned into a movie set to be released on June 3. Can anyone say road trip?
Location: Liberty Place
Cost: Free to attend! RSVP here by March 23 and receive a complementary PDX wine glass!

March 25
Moms' Night Out is coming to the Market at Liberty Place! Every parent loves their kids, but sometimes we need to give ourselves a "time-out" too. Hire a babysitter or give the kids some quality daddy time and Uncork. Relax. Unwind. at happy hour.
Location: Liberty Place
Cost: $2 off select wines by the glass.