Friday, October 13, 2017

What's New at Paradocx Vineyard?

With the change of the seasons and the new projects Paradocx has going on, I think I should keep you in the know.

The New Stage

Just in time for our last official and highly anticipated Love Seed Mama Jump concert, we pulled down the old pavilion and built a new stage.  If you missed the concert but want to to see our killer new stage, don't worry, we will be having other live music as well in October. 

I wouldn't be surprised if we don't use the stage in some creative way for our annual tree lighting party. Just keep the bonfire away. Wood is flammable you know. 

If you think our wine magically appears in each bottle and leaps into your mouth, then you may not be aware that we are knee deep in harvest time. This is when the 2017 grapes are picked, sorted through, and crushed, all part of the wine making process, though when it is finally bottled, it does seem like magic. Like a Genie in a bottle.

You may or may not be aware but Paradocx actually has four locations

Each of our locations has it's own personality and charm. 

Westtown Amish Market

Located on the corner of 202 and 926 in West Chester, PA Westtown Amish Market is heading on its second year. The 17 friendly merchants fill the spacious market and boy is the food fresh. 

You can pretty much achieve all your shopping needs in one trip, but first you must follow the scent of Beilers Bakery. The donuts and sticky buns are made fresh all day. I am known for the Cookies and Cream donuts. 

What's an Amish market without fresh baked pretzels?! My favorite are the pretzel rolls filled with ingredients such as sausage and eggs. 

For the fresh meats, seafood, and cheeses, there is no short supply, and the sizes are massive. Look out for the cheese they call Rattlesnake, it has a big bite. Don't forget, mom always said eat your vegetables. The produce at Kings Garden is beautiful, fresh and local. 

Other vendors include smoked seafood, candy apples and of course Paradocx Vineyard wine shop, plus everything your pet could need, fresh flowers, and all your usual Amish fixings. 

Booths Corners Market in Garnett Valley, PA started off on a 13 acre open farm used by local Amish and other local Merchants as a friendly place to sell their goods. 

Booths Corner Farmers Market would grow and expand through the years, but in 1973, the original barn and outbuildings were destroyed in a fire. 

Under the direction of the current owner, the market was rebuilt and still thrives today. Booths Corner consists of a whopping 100 merchants, so needless to say customers can find everything their heart desires plus more. 

Forget the mall, this market has over 100 merchants and the often returning faces are friendly and laid back. 

Of course you can find all the Amish specialties such as fresh produce, meat, pretzels, and sausage, but this market has much more. We are located by Gate 7 next to Tilly's kitchen and the barber shop. 

I can't list them all but some of the many cool and unusual merchandise includes fireworks, a barber shop, samurai swords, and of course cute puppies. You can get your shoes fixed, eat Kettle corn or buy that old Mike Schmidt baseball card. 

Booths Corner Farmers Market is open Fri, 9pm to 9pm and Sat, 9pm to 8pm. 

This location is quite different from the farmers markets and is located in the charming town of Kennett Square, PA. The market itself is much smaller, but just as diverse, like taking a culinary trip around the world. 

You have Yo'r So Sweet, making fresh French style crepes, Squeeze Juice Bar offering fresh juice and smoothies. Kaboburritos fusing Southwest and Middle Eastern cuisine and Mezze by Del Fresco cooking up tapas inspired fresh bites. 

You can also find fresh burgers, pizza, ice cream and wings. And let's not forget about us, where you can relax at the bar with a glass of Paradocx wine or a pint of local beer. Plus you can take your favorite bottle, pouch, or can to several of the BYOB restaurants nearby. 

The hours are 
Tues through Thurs, 12pm to 8pm
Fri 12pm-10pm &
Sun 12pm to 8pm

Paradocx Vineyard

You may be familiar with the winery located in Landenberg, or perhaps you have yet to visit our 100 acre property of which 30 acres are designated to 14 varieties of grapes. 

Much like the shop at The Market at Liberty Place, you can purchase any of our 20 plus varieties of wine, share a bottle, pouch or paint can, or enjoy a glass of your favorite Paradocx wine or a pint of local craft beer. 

Unlike the Market at Liberty Place, Paradocx lovers can share a bottle on the property while sitting out in the meadow near the vines. 

The winery is open year round and we have two fireplaces and two fire pits outside. You can order a tasting flight and share a block of Ayr Back Farm cheese with Rip Rap crackers

The vineyard plays host to a large variety of events from summer concerts, yoga in the vineyard. and paint and sip workshops. 

One Fine Thought

Sometimes I have no idea where I will end up on the web. This is the case for my current thought. I knew grape stomping once was a necessary way to extract juice and some fairs and wineries allow guest to stomp on grapes just for fun. 

During the Harvest Fest in Sonoma County, CA, they take grape stomping to a new level. Every year, teams of two compete in a grape stomping race for the world champion grape stomper. That's a thing?

Team costumes and team 
t-shirts are encouraged and the winners receive 1,500 grape stained bucks. As a disclaimer, they insist no actual grapes go into the wine. 

This is strictly for fun and of course bragging rights as the worlds best grape stomper. 

Here is how it works. One teammate stomps on the grapes inside a metal bucket and the other teammate called a swabby collects as much juice into a jug as possible. The team who collects the most juice wins. 

Hmmm....... How's that for an excuse to wear a toga? 1,500 dollars? I am so doing this, whenever I happened to be in Sonoma County during Harvest Fest. 

Forget your pedicure ladies, try this out. Your feet will never be the same, or will never look the same. Does grape juice stain feet? 

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