Friday, October 13, 2017

The Season Changes - So Does The Beer

Have you ever notice how our food and drink choices are affected by the seasons and holidays?  Take summer for example; hot, humid, and full of outdoor fun. For my family it means swimming, camping, and cookouts. You have Fourth of July and Labor Day. 

I think of burgers, sausage, hot dogs and BBQ. To drink, we tend to choose lighter beers, white wines, sangria, and tea. Oh, did you know we have a tea flavored wine?

But summer is over and the weather is cooler.  Food and drink choices change. And for my girls so does their fashion, but I digress.   By this time we see an increase in Red wine and the beers that were so popular in the summer, such as Levante's Kolsch and Bianco Wit are now being replaced by autumn style beers such as Drachenstadt Oktoberfest and Clockwise Porter from Levante.

Sadly, as I am writing this, The Oktoberfest beer is no longer available, however.... they have Pumpkin beer! Coming soon to a Paradocx location near you.

I am not typically a creature of old habits and I get bored quickly, so I wanted to bring in something new and challenge our Paradocx beer drinkers.

While hanging out on Levante's web page. (I know, get a life and hang out at the brewery instead), I noticed a new beer, a colonial style beer called Earl Of Newlin. That made me think of British Royalty, but the name is much more clever than that. I have noticed the naming of their beers are almost as much fun as drinking it. Well maybe not quite.

Take their Drachenstadt Oktoberfest. Drachensdadt means Dragon City, and Crusts Cut Off, which is a peanut butter and jelly beer. Does that count as lunch?

Earl of Newlin is a brew from Levante, which Earl Grey Tea was added during the secondary fermentation. Levante partnered with Newlin Grist Mill and Deer Creek Malthouse. 

Deer Creek is the first commercial Malthouse in Pennsylvania since Prohibition. Yippee for the 21st Amendment! And Newlin Grist Mill is a historic working mill located in Glenn Mills, PA. That's keeping it local folks.

So let's embrace the change and try something new at Paradocx Vineyard. The Earl of Newlin is currently offered at The Market at Liberty Place in Kennett Square. 

One Final Thought

Allow me to share another one of my strange travel stories. Before I time travel, let me tell you about the visits to Grandmom's house. I spent many weekends at Grandmom's and it was usually the kitchen where we hung out. Gramdmom was the best. 

She was always making things for me, poached eggs on toast, the best ham sandwiches (she buttered the toast before she mayo-ed it) and a fresh cup of tea. I grew to love tea, especially at Grandmom's. 

But it was a simple thing, a no fuss cup of tea. Grandmom put a kettle on until it whistled, then put a tea bag in a plain coffee cup, poured the hot water and let it steep, added sugar and milk and stirred. It just soothed the soul.

Fast forward 30 years to England, the self proclaimed authority on tea.  I experienced one of the most stressful cups of tea of my life. 

I think It was the second day we were there and our friend and her mother took us to the mall. Why is everybody so proud of their mall?  One of the department stores had a restaurant, so we sat down for my first English afternoon tea. They purchased a pot and we shared our tea with some sweet treats.... simple? Not quite. 

Apparently, the way one serves and drinks their tea is up for judging. As I was about to pour my first cup, they immediately stared at me with curiosity and enthusiasm. Why are they staring and what's the big deal? So I did what Grandmom and I always did, poured the tea, added milk and sugar and stirred. You would have thought I insulted the Queen. 

Their jaws dropped and they looked shocked. I said "what?" Caroline's mum said. "you poured your milk on top of your tea? "Oops." "Patrick, you always pour your tea on top of the milk"  "Say what?"  Damn, what a first impression I gave. How can they ever trust a man who can't make a proper cup of tea.

They scared me off of tea for life, but to add salt to the wound, they ask you every freakin 10 minutes if you would like a cup of tea. (Insert British language "Hell to the No!" 

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