Saturday, July 1, 2017

Red, White, and Brew - Happy 4th of July

I can't help to think how cool it is that the color of our flag matches the color of our wine, well sort of.  Coincidence? I think not. Though we have no blue wine, we do have Brews. Red, White and Brew. See what I did there?

The 4th of July equals back yard BBQ, American traditions, fireworks, and in my family, watermelon.  So I decided I will dedicate this post to American wine and beer history and of course wine and BBQ pairing

Thank You for Your Contribution Mr. President

Thank you Jimmy Carter for signing a bill that legalized home brewing, This bill paved the way for American craft brewing. Without you, we would never have had a beer brewed with bacon. You gave us new vocabulary with words like hoppy and malt. Because of you we learned that it's ok to serve beer in a glass, though cans are still cool, especially in the backyard.

Thank you Thomas Jefferson for introducing your Political buddies to the finer things in life such as French wine, mac and cheese and ice cream. You taught us that we can drink less and enjoy more, and if we don't have what we need, we can make it ourselves. You also invented the swivel chair. Now we can spin around like kids and drink our wine at the same time.

Thank you Barack Obama for purchasing the first White House home brew system and introducing America to The White House Honey Ale. You taught us that bets can be settled with beer and finding peaceful resolutions are easier with a cold bottle of American lager.

Thank You Franklin Roosevelt  for putting an end to that ridiculous prohibition act. Although you were a martini man, you brought back the White House wine cellar. We proudly salute you and the 21st Amendment.

The signing of the Declaration of Independence

Though President Washington distilled his own whiskey, it was Madeira, the fortified Portuguese wine that was toasted for our independence and George himself drank 3 to 5 glasses a day. They sure knew how to throw a party.

Pair your outdoor food with our Award Winning Wine

I consulted with our wine maker, Gabriel Rubilar and below are his recommendations for the perfect Paradocx wine and BBQ feast pairing:

Hot Dogs - Viva La Rosa
BBQ Chicken - Pinot Grigio 2016
Grilled Burgers - Pinot Blanc or Yield 2016
American Style Potato Salad - Haywagon Chardonay 2016

One Final Thought

It's no secret we love our county and celebrate our flag in many ways. However, some people have taken it to all new levels. I came across a few unexpected places and things where you will find the American Flag. I have seen American flag flip flops, tattoos, flag pizzas, a horse covered in American flag paint, American contact lenses, and believe it or not, an American flag condom. Only in the U.S. people.

But today we are talking beer and wine so here are a few creative ways to show off the American flag using wine and beer products.

A crafty way to utilize used wine corks

When it comes to painting and art, I am sloppy and pathetic but I am always amazed how artistic some people are and a wine glass painted with the American Flag? Perfect combo.

I never leave the house without my trusty bottle opener, but with this one, you can carry the flag with you every day and you won't ever be stranded with a bottle of beer and no way to open it. 

The question here is, was this an actual barrel and it was taken apart after it held wine or was it crafted before the cooper got a hold of it?

If you want to keep your beer cold on Independence day then do it the patriotic way.

This is actually a tap handle and a bad ass one at that. American IPA please.

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