Thursday, June 15, 2017

Way To Go Levante Brewery

In the fall of last year a new law was passed in Pennsylvania that allows local wineries the chance to sell local beer and spirits. In turn, local breweries and distilleries can sell PA wine. Paradocx thought this would be a great opportunity to satisfy the taste of all Pennsylvania customers. Is it fair to Joe Sixpack that Sue Vino has all the fun? Absolutely not. Or maybe it's 98 degrees and what is needed is a light thirst quenching craft lager.

The Day I Retired

In my early beer drinking years I was a self-proclaimed hop head. Yes, it really is a thing. One day after a visit to Two Stones Pub, during the annual IPA day, I was drinking more than my share of the 21 taps. After an unspeakable amount of Bitter Bombs, I finally became hop fatigued. Yes, that's a thing too. So I retired from hoppy beers all together. Certainly not a problem for me. There is no lack of other styles to try. Can you say Imperial Stout? Plenty of choices to get my beer fix on.

Another Shot - I Mean Pint

One of the first beers we brought in was Levante's Chief IPA. This was my first experience with Levante Brewery so I had no idea what to expect. There it is again, an IPA. I get it beer folks, India Pale Ales are the most popular style in America so of course we keep one on tap at all times but what I didn't know was this would be my new favorite IPA. Thankfully it's not a hop bomb. What it is, is an amazing well balanced beer that provides the perfect hop bitterness, aroma, and flavor. Not to boast, but I have certainly turned other "I don't like hoppy beer" drinkers onto Levante's Chief IPA. Just sayin'.

Way To Go Lavante

Recently, while hunting for an event at my favorite week in Philly, Beer Week, I noticed Philly was hosting their annual Best Of  Philly Beer Scene Award ceremony. This is the Oscars for The Philly Beer Industry.

Did you know that was such a thing? I certainly didn't. Shame on me. Putting it on my calendar now. The many Awards given out consisted of Best Bar, Best Brewer, and Best Bar Food. The one that caught my eye was Best Small Brewery of the Year. This category consisted of:
Broken Goblet, Levante,
Naked, Stable 12, &  Stickman.

Winner? You guessed it. Even though I have not experienced everyone in the category, I was not surprised, Levante is just that good.

Around that same time, Levante attended the Phoenixville Beer and Wine Festival, along with Paradocx Vineyard. Levante and Paradocx won the Judges choice award for best Brewery and Winery. "Go Team!"

Levante  Brewery is on fire! You would have thought they have been doing this for years but believe it or not they're only two years old.  To achieve what they have in just two years is quite an accomplishment.  Let me make this simple -  they brew high quality beers and are just as diverse as the big guns.

Where To Get Your Beer On    

Come into one of our beer pouring locations for a pint of award winning Levante brews.

The Market at Liberty Place, Kennett Square is currently serving Chief IPA, Bianco Belgium Wit and Vanilla Porter. At the winery, Landenberg, we are serving Chief IPA, Atmospheric Perspective  - a dry hopped pilsner, Monks Night Out - a Belgium IPA and Kolsch - a light German Ale.

One Final Thought

The world´s most expensive beer is Belgian's "Vielle Bon Secours“. One bottle costs around $1,000. Are you serious? Here's a better way to spend 1,000 bucks. Come to Paradocx during happy hour and pay only $5.00 per pint. For $1,000 you can have about 185 beers. Just not all at once.

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